91st Argyllshire Highlanders

The 91st Highlanders Regiment is an active, professional and militarily structured Mount and Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars linebattle clan with carving experience of members in the ranks from veterans to recruits.

I'm Lance Corporal William Jones, a historic name chosen by me (Chris/ IEC). I joined the 91st in early December 2011 without any experience.
I would say I'm pretty popular in the 91st and in the community for uploading the 91st events e.g. line battles, sieges, conquests, fun events, training exercises and much more etc. If you are interested in seeing the 91st in action please click here to visit our YouTube channel.

Important future of the 91st (Disbanded)
From now on 91st will be a part-time regiment, attending events now and then, retirement so-to-speak. However, it seems it's disbanded only because the previous 91st members are joining other regiments and leader of the regiment can't be bothered to do it anymore.

91st Playlist