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Series 3

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Episode 1:
Introduces all of the characters in series 3 with IEC (Chris), JDM (James) and Tez chilling in the common room. Sheep Shaggier (Sean) gets beaten up by Woz (Warren). Venting machine gets raped by JDM and many more.
Episode 2:
Sheep Shaggier has the hiccups. IEC and Hentalex (Nick) have a play fight against each other. Tez & IEC have a break and play on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Episode 3:
Chris (IEC), James (JDM), Tez & Sean (Sheep Shaggier) take a journey.  
Episode 4:
JDM, Emma, Tez & IEC chill out when Emma comments on JDM's haircut. JDM has he's moments. Woz & Sheep Shaggier have their moment. IEC & Emm have an argument and a fight over some rumours and many more.
Episode 5:
Chris (IEC), Tez & James (JDM) take you on a tour around the college.
Episode 6:
Sheep Shaggier talks about girls. IEC playing on GTA: San Andreas while Tez is making fun of him.
Episode 7:
Chris (IEC), James (JDM) & Tez go on a new journey and get lost.
Episode 8:
IEC & Tez mix JDM's orange juice. JDM gets he's payback on Tez. Sheep Shaggier & Woz have their moments with dirty remarks and Woz beating up Sheep Shaggier.
Episode 9:
Is part 2 of journey to the shops from episode 7 but now it's the matter of going back.
Episode 10:
JDM creeps up on Tez while he's attacking IEC. Tez & JDM have more of their moments with a stupid crisp pack (Early Christmas Present) game and many more.
Episode 11:
JDM, Tez & IEC go on the wrong floor, and pressing all the buttons on the lift. IEC punches Sheep Shaggier in the balls, IEC hit his head and Sheep Shaggier. Tez & JDM have their bottle fight. IEC tries to get away but runs into the door instead.
Episode 12:
JDM, Tez and IEC have a target tournament which lasted 20 minutes. Later on, Tez & IEC discovered JDM's secret.
Episode 13:
Outtakes! Including CJT Reviews outtakes.
Episode 14:
James (JDM), Chris (IEC) & Tez once again the three boring English people go onto another journey.
Episode 15:
Is part 2 of the journey to the shops with the three boring English people from episode 14.
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