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CJT Reviews

Chris (IEC), Tez & James created a group called 'CJT Reviews' which relates to reviewing games on all platforms e.g. PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Wii and many more. 
List of reviews:
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • Resistance 2
  • Grand Theft Auto: IV
  • LEGO Batman: the videogame w/ special guest
A split-screen gameplay with Jack and Chris playing on Star Wars: Battlefront with Tez and James observing.


Star Wars: Battlefront
This review is based on the Star Wars series where the player can become any faction from the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Republic and CIS which the player must capture the command posts to gain more Reinforcements etc.
Resistance 2:
This review is based on the Resistance series. Nathan Hale, the main character in the Resistance series battles with the Chimera once again to save mankind. 
The Chimera have launched a full scale invasion on the United States.
Lego Batman: the videogame Part 1
This is a special guest review with Nick Tate from YouTube. His YouTube channels MrRetroNick and Highly Annoyed Reviewer
Lego Batman: the videogame Part 2
Grand Theft Auto: IV Part 1
We are reviewing one of the top games in 2008 which is Grand Theft Auto: IV on the PlayStation 3. We will be showing you some of gaming features e.g. the fighting styles, online modes and many more etc.
Grand Theft Auto: IV Part 2