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'Tune In Game In' Podcast

Welcome to the 'Tune In Game In' podcast. A gaming podcast that talks about games old and new, game related topics, gaming news and just about anything else we can fit in.

The Official YouTube Channel:
The Latest Episode (Ep 77) is now available on iTunes and PodOmatic.

Episode 1 - Humble Beginnings
The very first episode of the 'Tune In Game In' Podcast. Starring Nick (MrRetroNick), Steve (XIXMayheMXIX) and Chris (CJTReviews) of the YouTube Gaming Community.
Episode 2 - An American In Japan
For our second Episode of the TIGI Podcast, our new co-host YodaPow3r joins as we talk to our first ever guest HCK aka Charlie and, an American Gamer living in Japan.
Episode 3 - Pre-Owned Games on Doomsday sale
This week we are joined by our new co-host Garry (Facebook and Retro Collect), Chris from Episode 1 and our guest Warren Our topic for the week is pre-owned games and their future, also there's a talk about the end of the world (nothing too serious).
Episode 4 - Gaming with Flipper
On this episode, Nick (MrRetroNick) and Garry (Gaz) talk to Flipper. That is Jordan Gross aka MeetingFlipper of YouTube We discuss Movies to Games/Games to Movies, Gaming Formats and Teacher stories.
Episode 5 - Game Vs. EA
Our guest for this episode is Alastair who is learning to become a Games Designer. We discuss the recent fallout with Game and EA, some Video Game Controversy and some more Rants of the Week.
Episode 6 - Technical Addiction
We are once again joined by Alastair ( from the last episode who has jumped in to fill the gap. In this episode we talk about Video Game addiction, changes made to Video Game series and we end up with a few technical issues. All that and more.
Episode 7 - No Twilight Fans Here!
This week we are join by Gareth Kennerley on the TIGI Podcast Facebook Group to talk about Video Game Remakes and Gameplay vs Story. Also a Rant of the Week leads to a misunderstanding but trust me, there are no Twilight fans here (please believe me).
Episode 8 - Game's Saviours
No guest this week unfortunately, so its just Garry and Nick this episode. We talk about the recent rescue of Game/GameStation, basics on Video Game collecting and we finally get a question to answer on Facebook. All that and a bit more on the TIGI Podcast.
Episode 9 - Easter Eggs and Sleepy Hosts
Just Nick and Garry again this episode (no guest again this week). Though we do talk about Video Game Easter Eggs and Gaming Rumours. Also we rant about trolls and over priced games.
Episode 10 - Gaming on the Retro Roadshow
This week we are joined by Crow of the Retro Roadshow on YouTube who contributes to the longest podcast episode yet. We discuss people's passion for collecting, making reviews and we seem to go off topic a fair few times, but we certainly have plenty to talk about.
Episode 11 - Off Topic with Two Guests
guests for the price of one, Charlie from Episode 2 is back and Carl who does work for various gaming websites. We start to talk about gaming websites/magazines and somehow end up talking about various other topics, but we have a good discussion all the same.
Episode 12 - Talking Games, Contests and Shakespeare
No guest this week, but we both have a fair bit to talk about. We discuss about the definition of a Video Game, cancelled or delayed Game, a fair bit of ranting and we also end up talking about plays by William Shakespeare some how. Plus we discuss the possiblity of hosting a contest for all listeners of the podcast.
Episode 13 - We have Questions!
Once again it's just Gaz and Nick but have lots to talk about still. We talk about controllers, console designs and we finally get some questions to answer after some time. Also we have a new section of the podcast where we talk about films and movie series. 
Episode 14 - Our First Girl Gamer of the Year
This week we are joined by our very first female podcast guest, Collette who is a friend of Nick's from College. While everyone is getting over the shock of a girl being on the podcast, we discuss about the design of handheld console, gaming events and arcades. We also talk about movies, games we've been playing and of course our weekly rants.
Episode 15 - E3, Gaming Maintenance and Married Gamers
This week we have two guests for the price of one and they are both female gamers from YouTube. Gemma and Jessica who are married to each other talk to us about E3 2012 and Video Game Maintenance (plus our usual other topics). Also a talk about movies leads Nick's girlfriend Emma to get a little involved when we bring up Disney themes again.
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